There is no better feeling than having your content mapped out in advance. It’s an especially warm and fuzzy feeling when your January content ideas are mapped out before you even leave for a holiday break.

Start the new year on the right foot with your social strategy. You can take inspiration right from my content calendar. I use these post ideas for Instagram, but they can work great for blogs, videos, Facebook posts, Pinterest pins, and anywhere else you’d like to find your audience online.

See below to swipe my January content ideas.

Cyndi, Owner of Ascent StoryCraft

P.S. I’d love to see how you’re putting these ideas into action. Feel free to tag or share your posts with me so I can be your fangirl.

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January Content Ideas 

January 2: Motivation and Inspiration Day

  • Educational: How do you set business goals for the year?
  • Entertainment/Inspirational: Share your best lesson from 2021

January 4: National Trivia Day

  • Entertainment: Play a round of trivia in your feed (example)
  • Educational: Talk about an industry “fun fact” that relates to clients’ pain points

January 13: Make Your Dreams Come True Day

  • Educational: How does your service make your ideal clients’ dreams come true
  • Inspirational/Vulnerability: Share your Brand Journey

January 20: Get to Know Your Customer Day

  • Promo/Educational: Share a testimonial and explain how you helped your client succeed. For example, When I first met X… Today, X is {achiving desired results}
  • Story/Entertainment: Use interactive stickers to poll your audience to get to know them better (Bonus points for emailing your list the same survey)

Hot Tea Month

  • Educational: Spill the tea on top mistakes people make when DIYing their (insert your product/service)
  • Educational: Three ways your target customers can improve (insert area of expertise)