Downloading too many marketing freebies or spending hours reading articles about content creation? You’re not alone. As a small business owner, information overload is real, especially when you’re just getting started. 

It’s no secret that a custom content marketing strategy that fits your brand’s personality is effective for growth. Year-over-year growth in unique site traffic is 7.8x higher for content marketing leaders compared to followers. We all want to be leaders in our industry.  But there are limited hours in the day, and a pricy budget for a PR agency can be out of reach. 

So what’s a small business owner to do?  

The truth is that the person who knows the most about your brand is you. To make sure your content is a true reflection of your business’ values, you need to be in the mix throughout the creation process. But that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone! 

The best content marketing resources you have are your teammates. This is where content coaching comes into your growth strategy. Unlike agencies or ghostwriting services, Content coaches are on your team, working with you to develop and hone a brand voice that matches your company’s values. They can provide support with everything from developing content pillars, posting strategies, and building custom content calendars. 

What is Content Coaching?

Many businesses hire freelancers or other agencies to produce content for them, which tends to be a hit or miss. Because freelancers and agencies do not know your business’s actual mission and personality, they usually struggle to produce quality content that captures your essence.

Content coaching combines your knowledge about your business’s products and services with a content marketer’s expertise. You’ll have someone to guide you through every step and help you produce top-tier content to grow your online presence.

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How a Content Coach Can Make Things Easier for You

Like most things in life, you cannot take shortcuts in your content marketing strategy. There are no “hacks,” but there are ways to streamline the process, making it much less overwhelming. So what can a content coach help you achieve?

  • Help create a customized content marketing plan for your business and advise you best.
  • Help you see the bigger picture and develop a growth strategy by reviewing and discussing areas of improvement. 
  • Help you improve the quality of content and find better ways to generate traffic for your business.

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Why a Content Coach is Important for Your Business

There are some common issues businesses face that lead them to hire a content coach. Do these concerns sound relatable? 

  • Investing a lot of time in trying to market their content, only to fail numerous times.
  • Have some ideas for content but do not know how to implement them.
  • Sick of wasting time and money on ineffective content marketing.

Now let’s move on to discuss some of the ways a content coach can help you with your business:


Content Marketing requires a strict calendar schedule as it is the only way your business can have a loyal following. Sometimes, a company can find it hard to make a schedule. A content marketing coach acts like an accountability partner that helps you meet your deadlines and stay consistent.


We all need guidance at some point in our lives, and so do businesses. With their years of experience, content coaches can help you resolve issues and provide actionable solutions for your business.

A content marketing coach’s extensive experience and thorough guidance can help your business save considerable time and money when it comes to content marketing. They will also guarantee that you don’t make the same mistakes they have seen other companies make before.

Moral Support and Motivation

Everyone wants to hear the words, “You’re doing great.” And content coaches do just that.

No matter how sure you are about the content your business is producing, even a tiny bit of doubt can ruin all the progress you have made. A content coach can be excellent for moral support and motivation. They nurture you with positive reinforcement, which results in getting work done on time and producing content with exceptional quality.

Content Clarity 

You won’t always have someone to walk you through every aspect of life. Content coaches have remarkable experience and expertise, which can benefit you greatly if you learn a thing or two from them. They have been doing this for years as a profession, so they are highly knowledgeable about creating content best and executing it online. But, it is not their job to help you forever. They teach you and your teammates the best content marketing practices that you can subsequently incorporate into your business.

Content Marketing is, without a doubt, one of the most crucial ways a business can flourish. With quality content and an effective content marketing strategy in place, your business will attract traffic to your business’ site and help you generate leads. Not to forget, it will provide you with an additional skill that you can utilize in any job or business.


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