Engagement. It is something every social media professional will tell you is vital to grow your Instagram account. 

The truth is that leaving meaningful comments and connecting authentically is so much more than growing your Gram. You can genuinely meet some inspiring people — and you never know where that can lead! 

Leaving a meaningful comment was how I first met Bianca, the owner of Green Bee Communications and the founder of Green Bee Magazine. A few months back, I spotted Bianca’s post about the launch of Green Bee Magazine. As a former journalist, I couldn’t resist thumbing through the digital edition and commenting about how wonderful the publication was to read. 

Fast forward a few months, and that single comment was the start of a great friendship and a wonderful business opportunity. I am honored to be featured in this month’s edition of Green Bee Magazine, a free digital magazine designed to inspire, motivate, connect and empower women in business. 

These pages are packed with inspiring stories and helpful tips about business, health & wellness, investing, and life in general. I encourage you to read, unwind and get motivated. You can check out the latest edition here: www.greenbeecommunications.com.au/mag.

Happy reading!


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