50 Free Instagram Engagement Prompts 

PSA: Instagram engagement is a far better measurement of your social media strategy success than follower count. 

Higher engagement means more visibility for your brand. When users like, comment, save or share your Instagram posts, it shows they’re interested in what you’re sharing. And a smaller audience paying close attention will be far more likely to buy from you or work with you than a broad but disinterested audience.

Engagement is the secret to success on Instagram. The more engagement you get on your post, the more likely the Instagram algorithm will push your post out to more people. Essentially, engagement breeds engagement.

Engagement equals connection with your ideal clients. 

So where to begin? Instagram is a special type of networking event for your brand. As a creator, you need to get the conversation started and keep it going.  

The “hook” and “CTA,” or Call to Action, are the most important ingredients for an engaging social media caption.

The hook is the first line that stops the scroll and gets your audience interested in reading the whole caption. A CTA is the last line that encourages your audience to take action — whether that is liking your post, leaving a comment, or signing up for your offer.

And it doesn’t stop with your feed! Instagram stories are another great to build connections. 

In this free guide, you get it all. 

  • Caption Hooks (10)
  • Story Ideas (10) 
  • CTAs For Likes (5) 
  • CTAs For Comments (5) 
  • CTA For Tags (5) 
  • CTA For Saves (5) 
  • CTA For Shares (5) 
  • CTA For Link Clicks (5)

These 50 post prompts helped me grow an engaged Instagram following of more than 5K people, fast! 

Happy Creating, 

Cyndi Owner of Ascent StoryCraft