October already? This year is flying so what better time than now to get ahead of the content creation curve for the month. 

There is a crispness in the air and new content ideas ripe for the taking this season. 

I use these post ideas for Instagram, but they can work great for blogs, videos, Facebook posts, Pinterest pins, and anywhere else you’d like to find your audience online. 

Steal my October content ideas and social media post prompts for digital content creators, online coaches, & social media managers. 

Which one will you be trying? 

Happy Creating! 


I’d love to see how you’re putting these ideas into action. Feel free to tag or share your posts with me so I can be your fangirl.

October Social Media Post Ideas for Online Entrepreneurs

October  Social Media Post Ideas for Online Entrepreneurs

Wednesday, October 6 

National Coaches Day

  • Answer Your FAQs (try a reel)
  • Share Your Services
  • Why did you Become a Coach in your Niche? 
  • The Beginner’s Guide to Hiring a Coach
  • __________ is the Best Advice I got from My Coach 

Wednesday, October 13

National Fossil Day

  • Call Out an Outdated Industry Practice 
  • Favorite Ways to Stay Current in your Niche 
    • Example: Your Favorite Books 
    • Example: Your Favorite Podcasts
    • Example: Blog Recommendations 

Monday, October 18

National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day

  • Share a Digital Organization Tip 
  • ________ is my Favorite Way to Organize Client Projects

Thursday, October 21

Get to Know Your Customers Day

  • Poll your Audience 
    • Example: Ask Me Anything  
    • Example: Example: Can you help me? I am creating content, and I’m dying to know what type of posts you’d like to see from me this month. 
  • Highlight a Client 

Sunday, October 24

National Food Day

  • Share Your Recipe for Success 
  • _____________ is my Secret Sauce 

Sunday, October 31


  •  _____________ Industry Trend Scares Me!
  • Treat Your Audience to a Discount 
  • Give ‘em Pumpkin to Talk About
    • Example: A Controversial Topic 
    • Example: Share a Hot Take/ Unpopular Opinion

National Work From Home Week

(Second Week in October) 

  • Show a Behind the Scene of Your Office
  • Share Your WFH Routine 
  • WFH Burnout Prevention Tips