It’s hard to ignore the popularity of Instagram reels. Reels have been on the rise ever since Instagram announced it would be pushing short-form video content going as far as saying, “Instagram is no longer just a photo-sharing app.” 

Using all of Instagram’s features—carousels, IGTV, Lives, Guides—has always been important for an effective Instagram strategy. And reels certainly have their benefits. Reels increase reach, showcase brand personality and increase the likelihood of your content being found on the Explore page. 

That being said, coming up with viral Instagram reel ideas certainly can test your creativity. Not to mention, reels can be intimidating for creators who aren’t clear on the tech or cringe at the thought of going on camera.

If you haven’t started posting reels yet because you’re not the dancing or pointing type, there are still ways to capitalize on the trend while respecting your boundaries as a creator. 

Whether your team show face or team no-face, here are Instagram reel ideas to grow your account faster, plus how to do eye-catching video transitions. 

Easy Instagram Reel Ideas for Service Based Businesses

Instagram Reels Ideas to Grow Your Business

There’s no doubt that with reels, people have been able to get more reach than ever. I’ve included a combination of show-face, no-face, and video transition ideas for you! 

Show-Face Instagram Reels Ideas

Your voice and your face are a part of your brand. It helps people to know, like, and trust you. Therefore, they are more likely to buy from you. Here are a few Instagram reels ideas if you don’t mind putting yourself out there!

1. Document Your Progress or Process

As a beginner, nothing is more assuring than seeing someone in their niche killing it. Especially after finding out all the hardships they had to endure in order to get where they are today.

You could be your target audience’s source of inspiration! Document different stages of your business and show people exactly how you tackled each problem to achieve success in your business.

Likewise, you could document your work process. Take your target audience through this journey from start to finish. As people have different processes to achieve the same goal, it can help someone improve theirs!

2. Pick Up on Trends

If you’re struggling to come up with something new, check what’s trending on reels.

Now, try and emulate the reel in terms of the audio and concept but add your own spin to it. Make sure it is related to your niche so you don’t attract a bunch of people that have nothing to benefit from what you have to offer.

By creating reels with audio that’s trending at the moment, you increase the chance of your reels going viral by 10x! In fact, I’d go as far as to say that the audio you use in your reels is the most important factor that determines the virality of a reel. So, choose carefully.

3. Solve a Problem

Can you think of some questions you had when you just started out? I’m sure there’s plenty. There are many people out there who have similar questions and you could be the one helping them figure it out.

Skim through your Instagram posts. Look for specific questions your audience has asked. Go to your competitors’ accounts and look for the questions they get asked in their comment section.

Now, start creating reels around these frequently asked questions. This way your audience feels validated and you can also attract potential customers.

These reels can be a great way to point people to the services you provide on your website! Picture this, you create a reel that solves a specific problem you know your audience has, and now all you have to do is add a link in bio for them to take the next step.

4. Social Proof

Another great way to market your products and services is by providing social proof. Show what results you helped your clients achieve in X days. These reels will definitely help you pull in some new clients.

By showing your face and social proof, you convince your audience that you are trustworthy and can help them achieve their goals.

Do you have a course on SEO? Show how your posts rank on Google or how your client’s post ranks on Google. You could apply this to any niche.

No Face Reel Ideas for Online Entrepreneurs

No-Face Instagram Reels Ideas

Some people argue that people probably won’t buy from you because they don’t know what you look like.

However, this is not entirely true because there are so many ways you can establish the know-like trust factor with your audience without actually showing your face.

If you’re just starting out or want to experiment with Instagram reels without putting your face out there, you can still be successful at it.

1. Screen Recording Videos

Screen recordings are a nice in-between where people know it’s a real person behind the video but also don’t mind it being faceless as the focal point such videos lie in tips and tricks or tutorials.

Exploit this no-face reel idea by screen recording apps you use to run your business. Show your target audience how to achieve something with that said app.

Say, for example, you’re a productivity blogger who uses productivity tools/apps to stay organized. You can screen record a feature on that app most people wouldn’t know about. Or, you could show how you do something differently using said features that would save your target audience’s time.

Also, if you’re a product-based business, like a scrunchy business, add a timelapse of you making scrunchies to give your audience a glimpse of how the process looks like.

This way, even though your face is not in it, there’s enough action going on for people to stop scrolling.

2. Voiceover Videos

The best way to repurpose your Instagram feed posts and carousals is to combine them together and add a voiceover to it. This way, you make sure those posts aren’t just sitting idle on your feed. Why just post images on your feed and get minimum reach when you could get more reach with reels?

Got some great visuals on your feed? Use those images to share a tip related to your niche by adding a voiceover and some faint background music from the Instagram app.

This is a genius idea for those days when you lack the motivation to come up with a new reel idea but also want to post something!

The key here is to keep your audience invested in what you have to say. So, make sure it is something worth paying attention to.

One example on top of my mind is “how-to” videos. I’m sure you’ve come across millions of those reels while scrolling. The ones where someone is probably typing or doing something unimportant in the background but what they were saying was so intriguing that you forgot about it?

‘Tips and tricks’, ‘myths in your niche’ and ‘mistakes to avoid as a beginner’ are some voiceover videos you could create within an hour.

3. Transformation Videos

Transformation videos are the only reels that do really well regardless of if someone’s face is there or not.

The good old before-and-after-using-your-product reel never misses. This way, you not only show people how to achieve results but also promote your products without sounding salesy.

Recipes, cooking tutorials, photos before and after using presets, room makeovers, desk essentials make for some great reels that fall under this category. You could do this in pretty much any niche.

4. Round-Up Videos

People love compilations, quick lists, and cheat sheets. Why not give them what they want?

Create reels where you help people find the best tools in your niche. For example, if you’re in the fitness niche, you could create a reel where you explain different types of dumbbells and who it is targeted to. Now, replace the dumbbells with blenders, writing tools, or cameras depending on your niche. 

Another way to interpret round-up videos is by repurposing the list posts on your website. Top 5 tips to get clients as a beginner or 8 ways to ruin your chances of getting hired are some great reel ideas.

Round-up videos could be a great way to collaborate with other bloggers/businesses in your niche. Each one of you could give a trick/hack on a topic and cross-promote it on each other’s Instagram accounts!

 5. Client Appreciation Reels

This comes in handy when you have something to sell. Compile all of your testimonials and client appreciation posts into a reel.

Share a snippet from your 1:1 consultation call as a reel. This will help people get a sneak peek of what you offer and also compel them to give it a try.

Do you sell products? Share the reviews and comments you get as a reel. You can easily gain the trust of your potential customers through these reels!

No-Face Instagram Reels Ideas

Video Transitions

If you post show-face reels, then you know how much if hassle video transitions can be to master. Here are some video transition ideas and an Instagram feature to help you achieve smooth transitions.

1. Change Your Outfit

Outfit changes are a classic when it comes to reels. You could create a bunch of reels with this trick in one day.

As there’s a lot going on in the video, people are bound to stop scrolling and check your profile.

2. Include Props

Props like a hat or glasses can make your reel more interesting. You could use props to showcase your products too.

3. Head-Turning Transitions

I’m sure you’ve come across those reels where the text on the screen changes the moment someone turns their head. This video transition idea is great for when you want to create content in batches! 

The align feature Instagram provides is a great tool to nail your transitions.

While creating a reel, you can find the align icon on the left-hand side of the screen (below the countdown timer icon). This icon pops up only after you’ve recorded the first half of your reel.

Now all you have to do is click on the align icon and place yourself exactly where you left off to get that smooth transition.

These were some Instagram reels ideas to help you grow your business. Which ones will you be implementing? I’m curious!

Happy Creating!

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