1. Rav Sparks says:

    Well detailed post! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Dream Silas says:

    This was a fantastic, informative piece. I was just contemplating which social platforms I should use and this helped me so much! Thank you.

  3. Marnie says:

    This is such a helpful post! Love all the social media stats. Interesting that pinterest users are ready to purchase compared to other platforms. thank you! xx

  4. Daphne says:

    Love this! Want to come back to my group live to chat on it?

  5. Anaiah says:

    Thank you for all the pros and cons you provided for each social media platform. It’s so helpful! It can definitely get overwhelming trying to find a channel that works for each niche. So far I’m only using Facebook and Pinterest but have plans to try Instagram and possibly YouTube.

  6. Wonderfully inciteful post. This is awesome!

    I am curious though, once you have determined that a social media platform is not for you. Maybe you realize that you aren’t hitting your target audience or maybe you really despise the platform. I know we all hope to make the best decisions right out the gate, but things happen.

    What do you do with the social media account(assuming it is a business account)?

    Do you actually get rid of it or is it safe to ignore it and not use it anymore? Do you post to current followers the situation and let them know where they can follow you to continue your adventure together?


    • Hey Kyle, personally, if I know for sure I won’t be active on the account or straight-up hate the platform, I’d post a message to explain where my followers could find me and de-activate it entirely. There are some platforms I am not a huge fan of (like Facebook). I still want to maintain a presence there so I’ll schedule posts, but I usually say something like “I’m more fun on Instagram.”