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Inside NYU Winthrop Hospital’s Department Of Emergency Medicine

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There are eight districts within the ER alone to deal with specific types of patient care. For example, a nurse can be assigned to critical care one day (helping those suffering from cardiac arrest or a stroke) and the next day be assigned to pediatrics. Cases can be as minor as a sprained ankle or as serious as an overdose or gunshot wounds. Now, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the nursing team is forced to adapt once again. Read full article.

Fitness Routines You Can Do At Home

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2020 is canceled. Or at least it feels that way with the global pandemic COVID-19 sweeping the United States, forcing the suspension of major events and the nationwide closures of many businesses, including restaurants, movie theaters and gyms. In many cases, people are being asked to stay home from work or even self-quarantine to reduce the spread of the virus. Read full article.

Not So Sweet: New Book Identifies Hidden Sugar And Healthy Swaps

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Breakfast cereal is among the most surprising culprits. More than 280 million Americans — 86 percent of the entire population — eat cereal for breakfast, placing it among the top sources of added sugar in our diet. Cassetty, who brings more than 20 years of experience in the health and wellness arena to the book, has been advocating for people to curb added sugar in their diets for more than a decade, starting at home. Read full article.

New Year, New Workouts

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If the thought of logging hours on the treadmill makes you want to stay in bed, these boredom-busting fitness classes are just the ticket to kickstart your 2020 workout regime. Read full article.