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Raise your hand if you’ve ever posted a random inspirational quote because you ran out of content ideas. And then got zero engagement from your audience. Putting content out into the world is not really doing anything for you if it’s not building a connection between you and your audience. 

We’ve all been there — getting stressed because you don’t know what to post next, but knowing you need to post to stay present.

Coming up with ideas, researching, writing, designing, and scheduling posts is hard work. Every minute counts when you’re a business owner or freelancer trying to grow your business.

If you’ve fallen out of love with your content creation process, you might relate to how others felt before enrolling in Content Creation Acceleration. 

✒️ You want to create consistent content to get more customers, but life keeps getting in the way and your time is at a premium.

✒️ Wasting time creating content that isn’t connecting makes the whole process feel defeating. You want to create engaging content that turns followers into fans but get tripped up on exactly how to create engaging content. 

✒️ You have a message that you can’t wait to share with the world but aren’t sure how your day-to-day content plays into the big picture.  


If you’ve ever wondered how other online business owners can show up online so consistently without running out of things to say, I have a secret for you. 

They are not smarter than you or more creative. They are batching content

Content Creation Acceleration takes the guesswork out of creating an on-brand content strategy that leaves your audience wanting more. 

No more content confusion, just content clarity. What I mean by that is more freedom, friend. 

There is so much freedom in knowing exactly what post is going up every single day when you wake up. It’s a fool-proof system that will save you hours every week and get you back to growing your business instead of working in your business.

Content Creation Accelerate will save you hours, give you clarity, and free up mental space for other areas of your business and life — I’m talking about guilt-free time away because you’ll have a well-oiled content creation stream on lock.

Give me less than an hour a day for the next five days and this time next week, I’ll be more likely to find you on a beach in Bali than behind your computer stressing about what to post next.

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What People Are Saying

“The information in the mini-course is so helpful. I love that it included a workbook. I am a note-taker so this helps me to be able to follow along. And in the past, I’ve had to pause videos from my instructors in order to write down notes. So this is great to have. I know that each person that takes the course will walk away feeling confident that they made a good investment in themselves and their business. I know this is going to help others just as much or even more than it has for me.”

— Shannon Inez, Owner of Shannon Inez Coaching

Content Creation Acceleration




Content Creation 101

Unlock the simple and repeatable formula to become a content creation machine. What’s the opposite of hearing crickets when you post? You’re about to find out now that you’re creating engaging content for your ideal customer.


Batch in a Flash

No more random panic posting. You’re a pro with a lot of value to share! Easily map out a month’s worth of purposeful content. Master the 3 E’s of content creation that effortlessly turns followers into fans and browsers into buyers.


Content Creation Calendar

Wake up every day knowing exactly what to post to capture the attention of your ideal client. Learn how to map out a timeline you can stick to make inconsistency a thing of the past. Steal my content calendar to start scheduling. 


Tools of the Trade

Not having the proper tools makes even the simplest tasks harder to complete. Learn the low or no cost tools that will have you cranking out content. No tech degree required!


Repurposing Content

What is better than one piece of awesome content? An entire arsenal of engaging content! Learn how to repurpose for multiple platforms to save time and reach more ideal customers.


The program comes with the interactive CCA Workbook and a customizable collection of planning templates and engaging writing prompts to streamline your content ideas for simple and effective planning all in one place. You’ll also get lifetime access to the course and bonus resources.


A One Time Investment for a Lifetime of Clarity

Social Media Marketing Agencies charge between $800 to $3,000 for cookie-cutter content strategies.

Even if you pay the money and they hand you a plan, it’s still missing the secret sauce: YOU!

Paying thousands for a cold plug-and-play content strategy won’t attract paying customers.

I spend 12-weeks and charge $3,000 for 1:1 customized content strategy consulting. That investment builds beloved brands that allow my clients to consistently attract high-quality, high-paying clients — not the kind the nickel and dime you or have you chasing payments.

You can have my whole method today for $127. I don’t want to see you waste another second on creating content that’s not connecting and converting.

Let’s start making an impact with your message.


batch in flash testimonial

Content Creation Acceleration is a must-have for those wanting to grow their online business, Cyndi breaks down all her tips and information for batching content in a clear, easy, insightful manner. I really appreciate that she broke it down into 5 short videos, great for busy moms like myself. I absolutely recommend Cyndi’s Course, you will not be disappointed.”

— Imago Dei, certified personal trainer & nutrition coach 

Meet Your Strategist 

Hi! I'm Cyndi the owner of Ascent StoryCraft.

I’m a content strategist with more than 10 years of experience helping companies large and small build beloved brands, through thoughtful content creation. 

Storytelling has always been my zone of genius. Even as a little girl you’d rarely find me without my sparkly Lisa Frank notebook jotting down events of the day. It led me to an award-winning career as a digital content creator and journalist for big-name news outlets like NBC affiliates and to earn a degree from Columbia University in digital marketing. 

But you don’t need to be on the nightly news or have an Ivy League education to be seen. Everyone has a story and helping business owners share their unique brand by creating engaging content is what gets me up in the morning. Let’s serve your community better by sharing your message, through purposeful content. Together we’ll build your beloved brand through content marketing that positions you as the go-to in your industry.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Content Creation Acceleration Right For Me?

In short, CCA is designed for online business owners who don’t have a big team or budget for a social media agency, but still want to have a booming online presence they can realistically manage on their own.  

More than that, CCA is about a building a beloved brand, not just another business.

Meaningful brand messaging organically attracts customers and clients. When content marketing is done right followers become fans and browsers become buyers without pushy sales tactics or overly complicated funnels. 



How Much Time does Content Creation Acceleration Require?

This is a self-paced five part video course. None of the videos are more than 25 minutes, but there is a workbook with exercises you should fill in after each session. 

Budget one hour a day for five days. This time next week you’ll be well on your way to content batching with confidence. 


Easily Create Valuable Content that will Turn your Followers into Loyal Customers.