Clubhouse is an incredible audio-only platform that could connect you with the biggest movers and shakers in your industry, plus potential clients who need your services. It helps start conversations with like-minded people in your industry, establishes you as an expert in your field, and is a lead-generator like no other!

As you can see, there are some serious opportunities here to reach your people.

Clubhouse open to both iPhone and Andriod users now, but you’ll need an invite. Once you got an invite, you can jump right in with the help of this guide!

Clubhouse Terminology

Clubhouse Hallway: You’ll enter through the Clubhouse Hallway, which is the Clubhouse equivalent of your main home feed. This is where you’ll see the rooms that are currently active. You’ll also see a list of the speakers who are active in that room.

Clubhouse Room: The most important thing to know is that all conversations on the app happen in rooms. As more people join a room, the moderators will “reset the room,” which is basically a re-introduction of the topic.

The Stage: While it isn’t labeled “stage,”  the room’s top section is called the stage. This is where you’ll find the speakers and organizers of the room – known as moderators.

Followed by the Speakers: Right below the Stage, you see a tier called “Followed by the Speakers.” These are people in the room and who – you guessed it – are followed by the speakers. They are good people to follow if you’re enjoying the chat.

Setting Up Your Bio

Bio Photo: You can choose a photo from your camera roll or use your camera to take a new photo. Choose a picture that shows your face, preferably smiling and professional.

Bio Profile: The first three lines (roughly 125 characters) are the most critical words in your bio. Those lines are available as a preview while in rooms on the app. Clubhouse is all about networking, so make sure your profile defines the value you bring to the conversation.

External Links: The only clickable links on your profile are your Twitter and Instagram profile links — but you can post other links in the bio. There are no direct messages on Clubhouse, so these links are essential to include if you want to continue conversations outside the platform.

Getting Started

Cultivate Your Interests: You can choose several different interests, from business to gardening. Picking your interests helps the app find rooms you’re likely to enjoy. Active rooms will show up in your main feed or Hallway.

The Party Hat: Any new clubhouse members will receive a “party hat” symbol on their profile picture during their first 7 days on the platform, so existing members know they’re new.

Listen in & Raise Your Hand: Once you’re in a room, you can listen in. The moderators often ask other people to come up to the stage to speak or ask questions. If you want to join the conversation, raise your hand in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Ping a Friend: If you’re in a particularly great room that you think your friend will love, you can tag their Clubhouse handle to invite them to join using the + sign on the bottom right next to the hand symbol.

Top Tip: Don’t Be Shy!

Clubhouse is all about building connections. Even if you’re new, don’t be afraid to raise your hand and join the conversation. The platform is a very welcoming place. Clubhouse is still in its beta stage, so most people are very new to the platform too!

One final note on Clubhouse etiquette, when you finished speaking, don’t forget to sign off. For example, “I’m Cyndi, and I am finished speaking.” This prevents people from talking over each other. Also, remember to turn off your mic when you’re not speaking anymore.

I hope you’re feeling confident about starting your Clubhouse journey! I am looking forward to connecting with you on the platform. You can find me at @AscentByCyndi.

— Cyndi

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